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Discovery Place Learning Center, LLC  is owned and instructed by an Early Childhood Education Teacher with over 20 years experience working with children and families. The professional experience and knowledge of the owner and staff provides a distinct advantage for children of all abilities and our curriculum has a strong foundation in language and cognition.

The staff at our learning center recognize that all children are individuals.  We focus on learning necessary life skills through play, realizing that the journey is more important than the destination.  We strive to teach children, not students, and believe that the children in our center should have fun while learning, every step of the way.



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At Discovery Place Learning Center, we’re proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children. By following our mission, vision and values, we create a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming learning environment for all children. We believe that children thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships.

We provide our students with the tools they need for future happiness and success. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interests in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning. Get in touch to learn more!


What we offer

Learning Through Play

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment. We currently offer early childhood education classes for children aged 2-5 as well as weekend open gym and birthday parties. Please contact us today to set up a tour of our school!
Prices as follows:
KR classes(3-5years) M/W/F -$285/monthM-F (5days) $405/month
GBG classes(2 years) M/W  OR  T/Th -$285/monthM-Th (4 days) $405/month

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A Perfect Fit


Kindergarten Readiness I (ages 3-4):

Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, and is for children who turn age 3 by December 1st of the current school year.  This class focuses on learning pre-academic skills through play while learning how to communicate and socialize with classmates.  Your child will have an opportunity to: build his or her vocabulary, learn basic cognitive and language concepts, and follow routines and directions in an early educational setting.  He or she will also learn to play near and with other children and to resolve conflicts with peers using words.  The cost for this class is $285/month.

Kindergarten Readiness II (ages 4-5):

Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, and is for children who turn age 4 by December 1st of the current school year.  This class focuses on learning the skills necessary for entering Kindergarten, while improving communication, play, problem solving, and socialization skills.  Your child will have the opportunity to learn pre-math and pre-literacy skills.  He or she will also learn to follow classroom routines and directions, to participate verbally in a large group setting, and to play cooperatively with peers.

The cost for this class is $285/month.

 Readiness PM (ages 3-5): **This class will only be offered with interest of 5 or more students*

Monday/Wednesday/Friday  from 1:00 pm-3:30 pm, and is for children who turn age 3 or 4 by December 1st of the current school year. Your child will have the opportunity to establish a school routine and to practice growing communication skills with children of varying ages and abilities. They will learn age appropriate cognitive and language concepts, practice following directions, participate in large group activities, and learn to play cooperative with peers. This class is identical to those offered in the morning, but presented in a smaller group size. 

***currently not offering PM class until we have enough interest. If you are interested please email the preschool. 

Kindergarten Readiness III (ages 3-5): 

This class is held Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm as additional programming for the core Kindergarten Readiness Classes and includes both KR I and KR II children. Your child will have the opportunity to establish a consistent school routine, to practice growing communication skills with children of varying ages and abilities, and to complete more activities centered on a weekly theme, particularly gross and fine motor activities. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday, the children are in the Kindergarten Readiness I or II classes, depending on age and developmental levels.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, children in this class will work on reinforcing skills and expanding communication skills through play and sensory and motor exploration.  

The cost for this class is $405/month.

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What You Need


Grow Baby Grow Learning Group

(Children turning 2 by Dec. 1st of the school year)

Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs 


 (Monday-Thursday enrollment is also permitted if space allows. )

This class focuses on early language, motor, and cognitive development through age-appropriate play and exploration.  Your child will have an opportunity to learn early social skills in a safe environment with children his or her own age.

This group follows a daily schedule that includes a short circle-time activity, gross motor time in the play gym, child’s choice time (free play), story time, snack, toileting (as needed), and a table top activity (painting, cutting, gluing, lacing, puzzles, etc.).  Themes are presented monthly and center around a featured book with targeted concepts and vocabulary from that book integrated into classroom activities.


Birthday Party Table


Child and Adult party space rental


Take the MESS and STRESS out of your house!

$120 for 2.5 hr Private Party Room with Play Gym

(Recommended for ages 1-5)

»Party Room includes: kid-size tables and chairs for up to 14 children (more available upon request) and limited adult seating. For your convenience, a bathroom is adjacent to the  party room.

»You provide all food, drinks, paper goods and decorations so YOU control the cost!

»Appliances available: microwave, small convection oven and small fridge (coolers are allowed^^)

»No minimum or maximum number of Children/Adults required.

»You provide all set-up and clean-up of party. Please allow time for both.

******Adult party space rental available also. Play gym will be moved to allow for a large empty space for showers, crafting parties, birthdays etc... Cost is $50 per hour. Same rules and policies apply to all party room rentals.

^^^NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.

*$25 Non-Refundable Deposit due within 1 week of booking party. Balance due at the start of the party on the day reserved. 

Top View of Kids Playing

OPEN PLAY -(this service is temporarily closed)

What You Need

Open Play Gym (Open to the Public)
Hours:  SATURDAY’S (October through May) from 10 am – 12:30 pm

(*Also open some school holidays– Please check live calendar or call/email for any changes *)

Children may stay in our Open Play Gym anywhere from one to three hours while being supervised by a parent. Your child does not need to be enrolled at Discovery Place to attend.

Our Indoor Play Gym features climbing equipment, dress-up and various other activities to encourage social interaction and the development of large and small muscles (ex. climbing, sliding, block play).  A variety of books and toys are also available for use during this time.

You are welcome to bring outside food into the center and may use the small table and chairs in our play area for enjoying snacks and drinks.  Please remember WE ARE A NUT FREE CENTER.

Play groups are welcome but please call ahead for groups larger than 6 children.  * We welcome you to use our Facebook page to coordinate play group meetings at the center with other parents and families! *

* For insurance purposes, you must fill out a Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Form prior to using this service for the first time.

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Here For You

Summer Enrichment Classes feature fun, play-based learning activities centered on weekly themes.  Children ages 24-months to 6 years of age (or those entering First Grade in September) are welcome to attend.  Activities are designed so children of different ages can participate together but at age-appropriate learning levels.  Each weekly program is lead by experienced early childhood educators.  Summer Enrichment Classes are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and include lunch.  Our program was designed with your summer vacations in mind!  Your family can enjoy a long weekend away and your child can attend Summer Enrichment mid-week while you recover from/prepare for a long weekend. 

Our Kindergarten Jump Start Session is designed to complement other activities you may have going on with your child during the summer.  Through games, music, movement and art, your child will review upper and lower case letters, numbers, word families, site words and write and illustrate their own stories.  They will be ready to jump right into Kindergarten!  This program is geared toward 4 and 5 year olds who will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2021.  


Registration will be accepted starting May 1st 2021!

Silly Faces


Fun for the kids, fun for the parents!

Kids night out is 3 hours packed full of fun! Children can participate in crafting, cooking, game night, movie night and more! Held one Saturday per month from 5-8 pm, for children ages 2-10 years old. (Open to the public with limited availability)  $30 per child, $20 for each additional sibling

Want to learn more? Get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly answer all of your questions. Call or email us today!

Diverse Kindergarten

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Tuition price list


2021/2022 School Calendar

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Covid 19



Covid-19 Guidelines for Discovery Place Learning Center

Health and Safety is our top priority!

The following plan has been implemented to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Please contact the school for any questions.

Discovery Place Learning Center will operate with a smaller class size this year  as we enter into the fall and winter months. Students will be encouraged to socially distance from one another when in school and will also be taught proper hand and respiratory hygiene by teachers. It is recommended that students come to school with a mask so that they may wear them if tolerable, however they will not be required to wear them. 

Staff will perform health checks and screenings, including but not limited to, temperature checks upon arrival and daily screening of staff members. Daily temperature checks and screenings will be documented and filed. If a student has a temperature of 100.0 or higher they will not be permitted to enter the classroom and will be sent home with their parent or guardian. The student must be seen by a health care provider before returning to school and bring documentation upon return to school. If a student becomes ill while in school there will be a plan in place to isolate the student as follows:

If a student becomes ill while at school staff will immediately isolate that student to a designated area until a parent or guardian can be contacted to pick the student up. The student must be seen by a health care provider before returning to school and bring documentation stating that the student may return to school. Staff will be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of illness in students so as to recognize a need for isolation as soon as possible. If a student is isolated and sent home, parents of other students will be notified immediately. 

Staff will be trained in all areas of proper hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing and cleaning procedures. Training will be provided for staff regarding cleaning and disinfecting procedures for the school in accordance with CDC and DOH guidance. Staff will be required to wear facial coverings when not socially distanced from students and will schedule frequent hand washing breaks for students throughout the class time. A cleaning schedule will be created to ensure all classrooms and shared spaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.


If a classroom or classrooms are required to quarantine or close, virtual learning will be provided for all enrolled students. Google Classrooms will be used to maintain communication between parents and school staff and provide instruction to students. Teachers will provide individual and group sessions upon request. If parents prefer, instructional materials and activities will be available for pick up on a weekly basis. Discovery Place Learning Center website will be updated on an ongoing basis for communication between families and school staff. We understand the uncertainty of these times and will do everything in our power to ease the stress while we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust in Discovery Place Learning Center. We will always make your family's health and safety a top priority!

Karyn Morrow, Owner


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Interested in learning more about Discovery Place Learning Center? Please feel free to get in touch, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

1580 Columbia Tnpke Castleton NY 


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