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Discovery Place Learning Center Covid-19 Guidelines 

Health and Safety is our top priority!

The following plan has been implemented to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Please contact the school for any questions.

The use of masks and social distancing is no longer required. When in school will be taught proper hand washing and hygiene by teachers. 

Staff will perform health checks and screenings. This may include but not limited to, temperature checks upon arrival and daily screening of staff members. If a student has a temperature of 100.0 or higher they will not be permitted to enter the classroom and will be sent home with their parent or guardian. The student must be seen by a health care provider before returning to school and bring documentation upon return to school. If a student becomes ill while in school there will be a plan in place to isolate the student as follows:

If a student becomes ill while at school staff will immediately isolate that student to a designated area until a parent or guardian can be contacted to pick the student up. The student must be seen by a health care provider before returning to school and bring documentation stating that the student may return to school. Staff will be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of illness in students so as to recognize a need for isolation as soon as possible. If a student is isolated and sent home, parents of other students will be notified immediately. 

Staff will be trained in all areas of proper hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing and cleaning procedures. Training will be provided for staff regarding cleaning and disinfecting procedures for the school in accordance with CDC and DOH guidance. A cleaning schedule is in place to ensure all classrooms and shared spaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.


If a classroom or classrooms are required to quarantine or close, virtual learning will be provided for all enrolled students. Google Classrooms will be used to maintain communication between parents and school staff and provide instruction to students. Teachers will provide individual and group sessions upon request. If parents prefer, instructional materials and activities will be available for pick up on a weekly basis. Discovery Place Learning Center website will be updated on an ongoing basis for communication between families and school staff. We understand the uncertainty of these times and will do everything in our power to ease the stress while we continue to navigate these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust in Discovery Place Learning Center. We will always make your family's health and safety a top priority!

Karyn Morrow, Owner

Covid-19 Guidelines: Locations
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